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On January 10th, Super Typhoon Agaton made landfall in the Philippines affecting at least 13 million people. The Typhoon Agaton added that the non-stop rain and the resulting floods and landslides affected 97,153 families or 463,527 people in 467 barangays in 72 towns in 14 provinces. Of these, 44,316 families or 212,661 people were displaced and brought to 358 evacuation centers. Some of the evacuees had been there since shortly after heavy rains began pounding the region.

The Typhoons claimed approximately 4,200 lives, injured another 12,500, and left a reported over 4 million displaced. Meteorologists are calling these Typhoons; Haiyan, Yolanda and Agaton the largest storm to ever form on the planet in a magnitude like Katrina. Military and other emergency relief workers are already on the ground in the Philippines providing medical assistance.

However, the needs of the people of the Philippines are great and will continue for months and years following the disaster. International Medical Relief is poised to provide life-saving medical assistance to this population following initial emergency relief efforts. New Horizon will be sending all contributions into the region through Community Church located in Abilan during this crisis time of January and February of 2014 will continue to address the ongoing medical needs of the disaster victims. By donating now to New Horizon’s Philippine’s Relief Efforts you will be assisting in the purchase of food and medical supplies, as well as, supporting medical teams on the ground, and future efforts to aid the affected people in the Philippines.